Sudoku Very Hard - Free Online Game

The Sudoku logic puzzle has a challenging game principle: enter the correct number from 1 to 9 in all the cells - online, free and without registration!

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Sudoku: Thinking and Puzzle Game

The logic based number puzzle Sudoku challenges you with a tricky but easy to learn game principle: fill every box with the correct number! The challenging puzzle was first known as Number Place before it became a worldwide hit. Start a round of brain training now and get fit with the free online puzzle game Sudoku


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  • Enter the numbers from 1 to 9 in the empty fields of the Sudoku board so that each number appears only once per column, per row and per block (3×3 subsquare)!
  • Memorize which numbers are possible for a field by pressing Notes and noting possible numbers for later.
  • Click on a field and click on the trash can icon to delete the entered number.
  • Use the Check function to display incorrectly entered numbers. As soon as all fields of the Sudoku puzzle contain the correct number, you have won the game and can enter your name in the High Score list.


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