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Play the classic game Snake now and feed your snake delicious apples! Keep your snake from getting too long or it will bite its own tail. The longer the snake gets, the higher your chance of getting the High Score! Play Snake online for free now, directly in your browser without downloading.

How to play Snake
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Are you in the mood for timeless classics? Then you should definitely play Snake online! Feed your snake apples and guide it to the next apple using the arrows on the keyboard. However, make sure that the snake doesn't bite its own body or touch the wall, because then you will lose the game. The game has no levels or missions, so your only goal is to keep your snake alive and well-fed! If you're skilled enough, you'll even make it to the top of the High Score Leaderboard, so what are you waiting for? Play Snake online for free and prove how good you are.


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How to play Snake

  • Snake is a classic game that is very easy to play. There are no levels, so you can get started right away and see how far you get.
  • Guide your snake to the apples by using the arrows on your keyboard.
  • With each bite into the apple, the snake grows in size and gets longer. So make sure that it doesn't bite itself or touch the wall.
  • If the snake bites itself or hits the wall, you have to start all over again.
  • Make it onto the High Score Leaderboard by making the snake bigger and still controlling it!


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