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The free online game SudoKen is a variant of Sudoku with a math trick: Achieve a calculation result in every section of the playing field. You can play SudoKen for free and without downloading it on our website.

Instructions for SudoKen
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SudoKen - Sudoku with Arithmetic

SudoKen follows the basic rules of Sudoku. The playing field measures up to 9x9, and you must enter the numbers in the boxes so that they only appear once in each row and column. In addition, the playing field is divided into areas where you must achieve the displayed result using the given basic arithmetic operations. Play the free online game SudoKen now and practice your arithmetic skills.


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Instructions for SudoKen

  • Fill in each empty field with a number that appears only once per row and column. Some numbers are already provided so you only need to fill in the empty fields.
  • On the playing field, you will also find separate sections displaying a calculation result and a basic arithmetic operation. To achieve the respective result, add, subtract, multiply, or divide the numbers in each area.
  • For subtractions and divisions, always begin with the largest number and divide it by the smaller numbers or subtract the smaller numbers from it to obtain the displayed calculation result.
  • To select the appropriate number for the respective field, click or tap on an empty field to open the ring menu.
  • Press the red X to close the ring menu again. To remove a number from a field, use the Trash Can button.
  • If a field can have multiple numbers, use the Notes button to keep track of them.
  • The Check button will reveal incorrect numbers, but avoid using it to receive a Time Bonus.
  • Successfully complete the level by entering the correct number in all fields and add your name to the High Score Leaderboard.


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