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Bubbles is a classic puzzle game with unique gameplay: use your cannon to shoot and burst all the bubbles. Play Bubbles for free now without downloading.

Instructions for Bubbles
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Bubbles - The Puzzle Shooter Game

Bubbles is a free online game that combines puzzle and shooter elements from the bubble shooter genre. The objective is to remove all bubbles from the playing field by shooting other bubbles with the cannon to match three or more bubbles of the same color. You will receive more Bonus Points if you clear more bubbles with one shot. To win the level, reach the target score or clear a certain number of bubbles. Start playing now and climb the High Score Leaderboard in the free online game Bubbles.


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Instructions for Bubbles

  • Control the cannon and shoot bubbles of the same color. Burst them by shooting at least two bubbles together.
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  • Earn Bonus Points by triggering chain reactions and causing bubbles to crash that you have not directly shot.
  • The next bubble ready to shoot is already displayed in the center of the cannon. Press it to swap it with the bubble in the barrel of the cannon.
  • Make sure that the bubbles do not cross the black line. Otherwise you have lost the level!
  • To unlock the next level and add your name to the High Score Leaderboard, achieve the level goals!


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