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Play Rushtower free online without any download or registration: Distribute your employees into the three elevators as efficiently as possible under time pressure, so that everyone gets to their workplace in the shortest possible time.

How to Play Rushtower
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Rushtower - Effective Management

Rushtower challenges your ability to multitask under time pressure. You need to plan ahead, but you also need to react quickly as a steady stream of employees want to get to the right floor of your skyscraper as quickly as possible. The more employees of the same color are in an elevator, the faster it will reach its destination. If the queue gets too long, the game ends - play a free round of Rushtower now and become an efficient skyscraper manager!


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How to Play Rushtower

Sort the arriving employees into the three elevators by color to earn points. An elevator can travel faster if you fill it with more employees of the same color. You will also receive bonus points.Every few seconds, more employees arrive in the queue on the subway. Click or tap on an elevator to send the first employee in the queue inside.Over time, the game becomes increasingly difficult and the time intervals shorter and shorter. Therefore, keep the queue as short as possible in order to manage the flow of employees for as long as possible.

Use the arrow button to swap the two frontmost employees in the queue. Every few seconds you can also send an unsuitable employee away in a taxi and receive points for doing so.

When the queue is full, the game ends. You can then enter your name in the high score list of the free online game Rushtower and start a new game straight away.


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