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Play Gumblast free online without download or registration: Shoot the invaders from outer space with your chewing gum cannon, collect points and save the Earth from the scum of the Universe.

How to Play GumBlast
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Gumblast - An Exciting Shooter

Gumblast is a shooting gallery game based on the famous Grouse principle, where the goal is to get the highest score. Shoot the aliens and robots that appear with your Chewing Gum Cannon. Try not to miss to get as many bonus points as possible. Combine Super Shots with high quality targets and conquer the High Score Board. Hit as many targets as possible in one minute - play a free round of Gumblast now and train your trigger finger!


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How to Play GumBlast

  • With a time limit of 60 seconds, you have to shoot the aliens and robots with your gumball cannon and collect as many points as possible.
  • On PC, aim and shoot with the mouse pointer and left mouse button. On mobile devices, tap your finger directly on the target.
  • Hit five invaders in quick succession without missing and you'll get a Super Shot that gives you ten times the points for your next hit.
  • Once per game round, a UFO flies rapidly across the screen. Shoot it down to score more points.
  • When the game ends after one minute, you can add your name to the High Score Board of the free online game Gumblast and start a new round straight away.


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