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Play eXchange here for free, without download and without registration: In this classic match 3 puzzle game, form rows of at least three identical jewels to solve them and collect points.

Instructions for eXchange
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eXchange - tricky puzzle game

Our eXchange is a puzzle game with jewels based on the popular match-3 game principle. Move the colorful jewels so that three or more jewels of the same color come together in a row. You only receive points for three jewels and additional bonus stones with different effects for four or more. In later levels, obstacles such as block stones and jelly will challenge your combination skills again and again - play a free round of eXchange now and fill your score account with jewels!


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Instructions for eXchange

  • Swap two horizontally or vertically adjacent jewels with each other by clicking or tapping on them. If you bring three or more jewels of the same color together in a row, they dissolve and you get points.
  • Combine four jewels of the same color to get a bonus stone that you can use to dissolve an entire row.For a combination of five jewels of the same color, you get a sparkling crown jewel that can clear all jewels of one color from the playing field at the same time.
  • You cannot move black block jewels or create combinations with them. So plan your moves around them.
  • You can remove jelly blocks if you dissolve jewels on the same square. If the jelly is duplicated, you even have to combine jewels twice at this point.
  • If you can't find any more combinations yourself, wobbling stones indicate a possible move.
  • Once you have achieved all the level objectives, you can immortalize yourself in the high score list of the free online game eXchange and start the next level right away.


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